Unable to Live as my Benefits Are to be Stopped...

I am currently unemployed, having finished a 2 year work contract in July 2010. I live alone, & since then I have been claiming Job Seekers Allowance.

My chronic fatigue & pain mean that I am frequently unable to function day to day. On a good day, I do everything I can to improve my health; go to the gym, walk my dogs etc.On a bad day, I cannot wake up despite 4 alarm clocks, my body aches, I'm confused, I'm too tired to function to do even basic things, such as cook or wash.There is no pattern to the good/bad days. Sometimes I can have a week of days where i am in bed, other times I can have a run of several days where I am active & alert. Typically the fatigue is predominant,accompanied by the pain.

I have been seen for many years by various consultants & Doctors, who were reluctant to diagnose ME or Fibromyalgia. Instead they diagnosed the symptoms Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain. I feel that most of the medical people I have seen were doubtful that I was genuine.I also live with Bronchiectasis, Ulcerative Colitis, Depression, Anxiety, Hyper-Mobile Joints Syndrome, Vertigo, and several other ailments.

My former employer allowed me to work from home, but this is not something I can expect from a new employer, as it was a rare situation.

I am unable to make all of my signing days at the job centre, as I am unable to predict when I will be unable to wake up. The Job Centre will not allow any more missed appointments, and will stop my benefit, & my GP 'can't sign me off on the sick, just because I can't wake up to go to the job centre'. My benefits are delayed each time I've been unable to get to the job centre, and will be ceased if it happens again! I won't be able to claim sick money, so am now desperately worried about how I will live.

I have just come away from the GP in tears, because they simply don't take me seriously. My JSA isn't enough to live on as it is. I have no idea what I will do.



Name: Lou Mason

Email: lousark~AT~btinternet~DOT~com

Added: 5th November 2010