Un Educated People...


My mum's friend suffers from moderate allergies, so showed me some pictures of her face when it swelled up as much as it was uncomfortable.

She's not a sympathetic person at all, but began telling me how it ruined her life~ however in the 15 years I have known this woman she has had children, moved to a second home in france, toured the world, and decorated an entire house she rents out, I think not.

A little bit taken a back by her ignorance, considering who she was talking to, I told her one of her favourite mottos ''if every one put their problems in a pot they'd pick their own back out'' furious, she told me she'd rather have CFS than her allergies, when i replied that she was being absolutely ridiculous she got upset that I wasn't giving her enough sympathy despite the fact that when i lost a close family member at 10 years old she told me to ''get over it''.

I still refuse to speak to this ''woman'' until she educates herself about CFS, and general humanity.



Name: heathermay

Added: 6th July 2011