Its not really me that has it, my friend has it, and i am not a sufferer or a carer, but i just thought i'd right about it.

My friend had a viral infection at the start of december, then she had a couple of other problems. She was always tired, and usually sleeps till at lunch or later.

The doctors ran loads of tests, she had about three blood tests, and a wee test :/ But none of them said what was wrong with her, they all came back fine. Now, her doctor has taken a guess, from her symptoms, which were sleeping very late, always tired and stuff.

She is also VERY VERY thin, she has always been thin, but since she got ill in september, she has lost alot of wieght. First time she was weighed, in September, in her pyjamas, she weighed about 48, now, when she was weighed with her coat on, she weighs about 45. She is also pale a lot. She looks a lot better at home when we are just mucking around than she does at school.

I stayed there all weekend (January 18th from Friday to Sunday) and she was fine for all of that time. We stayed up quite late, and got up quite late. We have come to the conclusion that she is nocturnal, as she is more active during the night and early hours of the morning than she is during the day. The nocturnalness is just our joke though :D

Her mum said that she seemed a lot better this weekend than she had done the past few days. Someetimes she can go to bed at about, midnight to 2oClock, and not wake up till about 5 in the afternoon.

She tries to keep active and does a lot of walking and running, we are always going for long, random walks together. And, i sound like a posh doctor here don't i?


Name: Beth

Added: 24th January 2008