Still suffering...

It all started i think with an accident where I suffered from sever whiplash. I am a fit person used to climbing and walking holidays and running marathons. I seemed to get more weaker as i cycled the 6 miles to work,walking up hills where i normally found no problems cycleing.I got to work one morning and at 0900 I felt so ill with bone pain and fatique that I went straight to the doctors and I never worked again. I was 62 and still suffering to varying degrees. My Gp hadnot a clue what was wrong and sent me to a lot of different consultants that could find nothing wrong i had my para thyroid removed,the consultant said that i would be dancing up the ward afterwards of course this did not happen. One lucky thing to emerge from the examinations was that I had a tumour in my bowel. This was thought to be causing my abdominal pains,but after removel the pain still remained and does to this day. Over the years I have suffered most of the symptoms that are described. after two years i was told by the doctor from the Incapacity Benifit examination that i had in his opinon CFS. I have moved to anothere part of the country and so have a different GP who listens to my complaints but other than pain relief(Which i have an intolerance too) Through the years I have been diagnosed with Multiple myloma (For the bone pain) later to MGUS after further examination and lots of pain through injections and bone marrow withdrawal. Ive been to Pain clinics,Chest clinics.

Even now my brain is fogging up with having to think of what to write.I tryed The Phil Parkeer Lightening process in March 2009 this was benificial and worked very well for about 9 months. then it became a struggle to make it work although it still helps to a certain exstent.

All i can say is dont give in to it. Different to what the books say push your self to enjoy life as much as you can and then rest for a couple of days.


Name: IFFY

Added: 19th January 2011