Roy's Battle...

I know just what you mean about wanting your life back that is just what I wanted after 18 months of Prozac and beater blockers.

I was sick of the feeling of not really being there just a shadow in the background of life watching others and not interacting normally. Walking on marshmallow ground and a head full of mush that made no sense at all. I still don't like making decisions but working with a man who keeps changing his mind so much I have to make a decision and instruct him that is the way we must do things.

I couldn't survive without the medication for ages but in the end just couldn't live with it anymore either only sheer determination got me through it.

Shopping online is harder if you don't know what you want to get someone, I keep trying but you have to keep selecting options for what it puts on your screen and when you don't know they just wont pop up. It screws up your mind trying to think is so hard at times and being forced to think makes you feel worse than ever.

On top of that finding the energy to walk up the high street looking is just as hard and all the shops seem to have the same things at varying prices too.

Why cant they have a website where you just run your mouse along an isle and it shows you the goods on a shelf then you just click on an item to look at it more, real shopping without the walking.


Name: Roy

Added: November 30th 2006