Newly diagnosed...

I have been visiting my GP constantly for 2 years with a general feeling of being tired and unwell. All I got were more anti depressants and told I needed to pick my self up.

In July this year my friend told me, after another 3 days unable to do anything to change GP and get a second opinion. I have been seeing my new GP for 3 months and based on my previous health she has today diagnosed me as suffering M.E./C.F.S.

I have looked on many sites since seeing her today and am overwhelmed by the amount of sites that list most if not all of my symptoms and yet my old GP didn't even seem to acknowledge it or mention it.

I think that it should be more recognised and many 'old school' GPs re-educated.

Although there is not any treatment as such, just to have someone tell me that what i'm feeling is real and not all in my head has made such a difference!


Name: Sarah

Added: 4th October 2007