My horror with CFS...

one year ago i woke up and noticed i had many heart palpitations. within a few days they were in the thousands a day. being totally abnormal i saw a cardiologist who said i had benign pvcs and that these were normal and to learn to cope.

i knew something was happening to me that was not right. i also noticed my chest was sore and my stomach hurt when i was standing.

within a few weeks i did not feel well in general. i became dizzy, off balance, developed weak rubbery legs and arms. within one week i became so weak i couldnt stand on my feet without having to faint. my heart pounded with just standing up and walking from one room to another. my neck, chest and abdomen and groin and legs ached. i then developed tremors and internal vibrating throught my whole body. my face and hands and legs shook from standing and sitting. i then began shaking terribly in bed and my body buzzed and tremored and vibrated.

after having negative tests which included neurologists, cat scans, mri's extensive bloodwork and exrays i was left hopeless and with no diagnosis.

5 months later i found a doctor who immediately recognized my condition. he diagnosed me with cfs.

what a relief. someone understood my illness.

he immediately began me on antibiotic treatment and his belief is that cfs is caused by bacterial infection. he has successfully helped many cfs patients back to health with anitibiotic and chelation treatment to remove heavy metals.

after months now, and being on a second antibiotic im slowly gaining back some strength. however i continue to deal with neruological symptoms and shaking and tremors. it is hoped these will subside as the infection is killed.

the extent of my suffering has been indescribably. i went from strong and healthy to an invalid who couldnt walk or stand without misery and pain.

this is the most debilitating condition that i can imagin having.

its been a nightmare and a frightful one at that.


Name: Dan

Email: rambo99~AT~rogers~DOT~com

Added: 22nd June 2008