M.E and me...

I have been suffering from ME for a couple of years but was only diagnosed about a year and a half ago. Before that time I was a full time nursery nurse and my job was my life! I loved every day I spent there and much like other people in my situation when i fell out of work I was instantly labelled as 'lazy' because dragging myself out of bed in the morning was a mission itself. From the beggining I suffered from severe fatigue , major joint pain memory loss and my concentration apparently no longer belonged to my brain . Now , a year and a half on , Im only able to walk short distances ( very slowly and for no more than 10 minutes ) I use a walking stick everyday and most of the time im in a wheelchair. At the end of last year I WON my battle to claim ESA ( medical benefits) as the doctor that said i wasnt entilited to it thought that CFS/ME was just a form of irritable bowel syndrome !!! (IBS)

Im now about to fight a battle for get DLA. i would give anything to go back to work but sadly , no one will take me back with my invisable fluctuating illness.

And now today - I am using a wheelchair , a stick , my partner is my full time carer after having to fall out of work for me and i have more really bad days than bad ones. Yes , everyday is a struggle but the pregebalin tablets are making the pain managable. My symptoms have got deteriorated and on top of everything else i have spinal , neck and head pain on a daily basis. I dont go out and spend most of my time asleep or laying motionless trying to concentrate on programmes and DVD's that I cant concentrate on. I wish more people had an understanding about the condition = its a shame that so many doctors are so under trained in it.


Name: Natascha

Email: natascharose~AT~live.co.uk

Added: 19th January 2011