ME and Candidas

I have only just recently started reading about ME because of certain allergies I was told I have and also that low blood pressure and fatigue could be related to them.Iam surprised and to an extent dissapointed to learn that most of the symptoms of ME match completely with me.Aside from the fact that I've been binge eating on junk food for the last four years..pizzas,takeways,chips etc..and as I live on my own it was a regular occurence, my body because of depression and anxiety issues hardly had any energy in it.Even when I tried to be healthy changing my diet I could never figure out why I was not well even though I spoke to my GP a no of times about it.I would have constant back pains,IBS, and brain fog but I related it all to bad food or depression and never once thought anything else like my glands could be responsible for it.Cooking on my own is still a scary process but i feel if i change my diet i would be a lot better off as even after a few days i already feel a difference,also sice i have yeast infection I was forced to take out certain things..which lowers my energy levels even more.

I one day i dream to be able to manage my energy and stress levels successfully and even hold down a full time job as right now inspite of being 25 years old I can't hold even a part time job.Even though I've been getting therapy for depression for the last 5 years and have been on antidepressentds my body just can't do anything outside the house for more than 2-3 hours.

I have social phobia as well and sometimes start to feel dizzy for no reason and getting panic attacks.the best place for me to stay in is my house but even then i can hardly do more than 1 physical activity a day if iam under pressure my stress gets worse and i can't even do can either be washing dishes or exercise or just washing dishes and checking my mails.I think i maybe should talk to my gp about ME but not sure if I'll get any help.

I have even stopped going to my therapist for my depression therapy as i simply don't have any desire or energy to get out.Earlier I would want to speak to someone but now iam just content being on my own but Iam also getting more and more stressed out.If i want to do something or i get desperate to do something I will do it and won't stop till it's finished properly or perfected regardless of what a toll it takes on my system and then i can't do basic things like fix breakfast or feed my pets the next day.

I do feel very surprised,confused and agitated on those days as all my plans go down the drain.It can happen even if i've eaten or slept well the day before,if i don't feel well then i don't feel well and that's it.Even though i get regul;ar back massgages done i get pains in my back again after 2-3 days .now I've just learn to shop online as that definately takes away the traume of going to a store picking out stuff and then carrying it home..leading to further physical stress.I just hope i can get better soon not sure which path to take,who to ask for help and how long it wil take..but i'll keep trying.

thx for listening




Name: tanya

Added: 16th July 2010