Not sure but maybe I'm suffering from CFS...

My father in law had or has CFS, we all thought he was nuts, my bad, he was the only one I ever heard of that had it, but now probably to make me more aware I believe I could be at the beginning of it.

Lately I have had strange fevers with no illness.

I work outside and I get so hot to begin with on top of it, I can't sweat, so I really feel like I am going to die.

I am having to get a different job because this is extremely physical, and maybe how I contacted CFS I am climbing ladders and pressure cleaning daily, painting, cleaning cars, I have no idea how I've held up, but am pretty sure I'm all washed out physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I have always been pretty healthy, so this is so strange, an eerie feeling of being sick yet not being sick.

I feel really bad about being an unbeliever till now.

I don't know if I have it or not, but I believe in it after being at this site, and feeling what I feel.

I'm under extreme stress/ divorce, financial havoc, possible loss of my home AND raising a 15 year old GIRL alone, I'm over the edge, I go to God daily and ask to get through one more day, somehow I do.

Sorry for the length, this is the first I've shared my belief that I could have CFS.

Does this sound like I have CFS and should I bother being diagnosed.

I am taking a product that could be helping, not sure how bad I would be without it.

Should I even bother going to a doctor???...

Thanks for listening.


Name: Kathy

Email: louiskath~AT~yahoo~DOT~com

Added: 22nd June 2008