long term since 1976

Started with pains like one gets after strenus exercise but didnt go away after a nights sleep which used to happen took much longer at first I thought I had some rare complaint.

Doctors were no help started to miss work I was 40yrs at the time I was a 6footer worked at building work found at guys that missed work a bit of a macho strugled to cope eventualy had to take time off work after some time hauled me before a med, referee as I was missing so much work he cured me advised me to go kicking football tried all right finished up in bed for three weeks mmmm next trip to my doc perscribed antidepresents I realy thought I was loosing it.

Sitting in front of tv like a sombe waiting for the man with the white coat after a few months my wife nearly needed a white coat man as well. Then one day man spoke on tv about ME I usualy just stared but suddenly my mindperked up I was listening to a guy with my simtems.

Ureeka I wasnt mad after all the rest is history I felt like suing the doctors instead I joined a groop when I got there surprize surprize,so many people much like me men and women and children too so sad but relieve for me I am 77 now so it wont kill you but you will suffer just pace yourself and enjoy life as much as posible there are some people much worse.



Name: James

Added: 5th April 2011