life changeing...

my name nina ive had m.e for 7 years and its hell and its change my life

i suffer chest pain and pains in my legs arms and always get confused and sleep lot

i was in bed for a year it was hell!

couldnt look after my kids anymore

it all started with flu i ended in hospital they did lots of test but came back that nothing was wrong with me but 9 mounths later i was told by a doctor that i had m.e

i could longer do anything it change my life

7 years on ive made some recovery i can go out for about 2 hours every 2 weeks and do a little bit houeswork but i still get very fatigue

theres a not a lot of understanding out there

ive lost friends and feel lonley most of the time

ive 2 grankids but cant play with them a lot that makes me sad

i just want my life back



Name: Nina

Email: nina~DOT~duncan~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk

Added: 7th January 2009