Let down and forgotten


This is the second time i have written about my experiences.

Once again this is a negative story so those of you that don't want to read another failure of the NHS look away now !!

I have been off of work for 6 months in constant agony and most days bedridden. I eventually managed to speak to someone at the Sutton Clinic to ask why i have waited so long for an appointment, to be told by a very nice lady at the clinic that they cannot see me until i have had more blood tests for allergies. Apparently my GP should have known this !!

My GP sent me for the blood tests and told me in no uncertain terms that it should not be down to them to test me but down to the clinic.

I am due to go back to work after half term ( I am a Special needs Teaching Assistant). If i don't go back to work i will be put on half pay which i absolutely cannot manage to pay the mortgage on or live.

To say i feel let down and forgotten by all within the NHS is an understatement. I honestly feel that i will never be given an appointment and that i will just be forgotten. Really don't know how much longer i can keep it all together and carry on !

I am dreading going back to work but what else can i do ?




Name: Cara Baxter

Added: 6th July 2011