I signed up to love him in sickness and in health

I support my better half soon to be husband, My knight in shinning armour. I hate the word carer it feels so impersonal and carering for someone who has severe C.F.S is anything but impersonel I am constantly on the recievng end of my knights shortness of temper, ha ha that is a polite way of putting it. Yes he is tired and in pain a lot of the time he sleeps a lot and we can't do a lot of normal things like other soon to be wed couples of our age.

My knight did not have C.F.S when I first met him just early on set of Rheumatiod Arthritis so pain plays a big part in his life. For me it was a little hard as I am a very busy active lady who loves to travel about, visting friends and new places. But my knight gives me the peace to slow down and enjoy life at his pace not running around like a headless chicken ha ha ha as he says am used to be. Our Avon lady gave my strong handsome knight Swine flu and it had him in bed for over a week i did not think he would every recover. He never did recover fully just a little bit, it took months and months of fighting with the doctor that something was wrong, he was so tired he did not get out of bed to eat neglecting his teenage daughter through no fault of his own.

I finally got the doctors to realise what was wrong and after putting him through every test under the sun they agreed it could be nothing else but C.F.S, thank god I thought, because I really was being to think he had M.S with Alzheimers. Thinking having a label would help NOPE, people just think it is Yuppie flu and tell me to get him a good nights rest and he will be ok, if only it were that easy and there was a magic pill to fix it all.

I asked all the doctors all the right questions and no one had the answers I needed it took coming on to a lovely web site like this to realise what my knight was doing was normal and not to panic.

My knight has good days and bad, hell he has good mornings or afternoons and then bad ones. But all the good ones give me back my strong handsome knight in shinning armour, the one I fell in love with from the first.

Ask me do I see a little old man sitting in front of me or a strong handsome knight in shinning armour in front of me.... My knight I care and support for him in sickness and health not from duty but love.



Name: Annemarie soon to be fairbairn

Added: 26th October 2010