Help, does this sound familiar...

I've had blood tests and other different tests. On paper I'm very fit and healthy so WHY do I feel like this?

The doctor is very good but says we will rule out other things, and just puts me on anti-depressants, these only make me feel worse.

I walk my dogs each day, which used to take 20 mins, now takes nearly an hour. I usually come home and sleep for a couple of hours. Such a waste of time, and I'm breathless and hurt, my joints are painful and it feels like my legs don't belong to me.

If we go out for the day, I'm shattered for about a week. My skin itches when I get hot, then I suddenly am cold. Now I can't cope with noise or a lot of light, lucky we are having a lousy summer.

My aches and pains keep wakening me up and I can't concentrate very well, also I find myself not listening to people.

There are other things, but what can I do?

My doctor asked if I felt like self-harming. Well I can't be bothered, if anyone can help PLEASE do.


Name: Mary Kinch

Email: mary~DOT~k~DOT~55~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk

Added: 21st July 2007