Fairyland Head!...

I wake in the morning feeling as though I have just run the marathon, put my legs out to stand and they want to collapse from underneath me.

My head feels as though it's in fairyland although that's what I would like to call it, I'm really in pain all over, I can feel every bone, muscle and joint in my entire body so, a hot bath is always required morning and evening to soothe.

Why do I feel so so tired after only given my daughter her breakfast, washed and dressed her? I haven't done anything yet and it's only 8am.

Where's my concentration gone?

Where's my umph?

I used to work an 8 till 8 job, where have I gone?



Name: Sarah

Email: sarah~DOT~rich~AT~homecall~DOT~co~DOT~uk

Added: April 23rd 2007