Exhausted and Completly Lost...


ME well im exhausted and completly lost in this black fog and as hard as i try i cant find my way out of this nightmare ;-(

My name is dee I am 33 years old I have an 12 year old daughter and i was diagnosed with ME/CFS 6 months ago after years of doctor and hospital visits.

The past year has been a complete nightmare for myself and my family going through the process of test after test to rule out all other possibilities.

In the end i was told i had ME/CFS and that i would learn to manage it in time. I was given an anti depressant and pretty much left to deal with it myself.

After a few months of completly falling apart with the help and support of my family and partner i managed to get enough fight in my belly to go back to doctors and tell her that i cant manage on my own. I needed advice on what to do and what to try.

So as it stands ive been put on an anti depressant, ive been doing a thoughts diary, ive tried vitamins, changing my diet, energy drinks, energy tablets, a 6wk course in cognative behaviour therapy, ME support groups, reading every book i can find in the library (thats a waste of time because i forget what ive just read or cant concentrate on the words) going on internet, Im now see'ing a psychiatrist and mental health specialist i am just waiting on my second appointment im not quite sure what they can do to help me but i live in hope.

i have more bad days than good at the moment and im really struggling. I find it so frustrating and get so angry that i cant do the things i want to do with my daughter. I feel like a complete faliure of a mum when all her friends are away doing things with theyr mums im lying in a blackout room for days at a time out cold. i cant bare light or noise. I cant walk far or im exhausted or im in pain.

The list is endless as im sure you's will be aware.

If anyone reading this knows of anything else i could try please let me know




Name: Dee

Added: 6th July 2011