I have had to give up work as, I could only work for about an hour and half a day. It came on gradually after a close friend died suddenly of cancer. I have had a very traumatic two years and that was the final straw. I was getting no where with the doctors blood tests were coming back normal yet I felt exhausted all the time, with flu like symptoms my body wasnt my own. My employees told me that I could take 6 months unpaid or leave with payment, I couldnt take the 6 months unpaid and to be honest I think they were looking for an excuse to get rid of me and they had the chance. I did feel unfairly treated as I had no control over my feelings, and my illness. Even the specialist said that doctors dont like to diagnose ME/CFS, why I dont know. The blood tests that they done did show underlying viruses including pnemonia which obviously didnt help.

Its hard for people to understand as they just think that you are being lazy, but believe me if I could work I would, I cant even make a bed without being emense pain. I have done physio but that was a waste of time they were asking me to do exercises I couldnt do as it was my back worse. I try Aqua areobics once a week with my mum, but that still hurts. I am determined not to give up but some days it takes over and I havent even got the energy to get up. If I do I find myself back in bed within two hours. If I do not rest my body gives in on me. If you have a broken leg, people see you are in pain but with this illness no one can see the pain and anxiety you are in.

Kind Regards

Tracy Bush


Tracy Bush

Added: 2nd October 2010