Caring for my once bubbly energetic 15 yr old daughter...

For quite some time my daughter has been sleeping between 15 to 20 hours a day, some days can be less, but not that many.She has had numerous medical tests which have ruled out heart problems, thyroid problems,& any other medical tests that most of you have almost certainly had. It began to get worse after she was having blackouts, & she blacked out on the stairs, fell down & knocked herself out. Since then she has been slowly getting worse. She cant go to school, i bath her its too painful for her because she gets some sort of spasm in her wrists, she cant lift out after as her legs are weak & have spasms/cramps too. She used to love dancing & socialising with her friends, she was studying fashion on a school course as an option for a btec diploma. She now cannot do any of those things, not because she doesnt want to, but because she tires quickly, or its too painful in & around her joints.

She has anxiety and has depression. She is on Prozac to help but this has done nothing after 5 months of taking it so her psychiatrist may consider trying something else. She is waiting to go into a clinic to be assessed for her sleeping disorder, & were hoping that CFS will be confirmed, as all other possibilities have been exhausted.

Its been hard on my family, but mostly its hard for my daughter , shes just a reflection of the young bubbly, energetic teen she was. Shes scared to go out for fear of people seeing her out when she should be at school & someone she knows sees her & makes a comment as to why shes not at school as she looks well. The thing is she isnt well & its not a physical illness that is seen, more awareness needs to be made of this condition. We will be having some adjustments made around the house to make it slightly easier for her to do some things for herself. I grieve for who she used to be, and pray that she will achieve the goals & accomplish the dreams she has, but no matter what happens I love & support my daughter & hope that the right diagnosis is made soon,so that we can move on & get the right support she needs.




Name: Louise

Added: 7th October 2010