Am I sick or is it just in my head...

I've suffered on and off with recurring illnesses ever since 1996. After a hysterectomy and cancer therapy.

My first husband said it was all in my head, called me lazy and just plain useless. That's a great thing for the ego.

My second really bad bout was in 2005 after having my gall bladder removed and having to go back to work after very little recovery time.

I always prided myself on being able to "bounce back" quickly. 2 weeks after surgery I was back at work but just couldn't seem to keep any energy. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia-low blood sugar.

Now 2 years later both my children grown and divorced again, I have had to cut back to part time work and sometimes that's overwhelming.

I don't like to complain and have people think I just want attention because I don't.

Without insurance it's not possible to visit doctors for every little ache or weak spell so I try to keep pushing on.

Two days ago (15th August) I found this website after yet another bad spell of what I thought might be another intestinal virus but now I think it might just be C.F.S.

Now if I can just get someone to believe me.

HELP !!!


Name: Elizabeth

Added: 18th August 2007