Am I going mad ......

My name is Lynne but I might as well be the invisible woman.

I have been living my life through a gold fish bowl, shrouded in a mist, since 1992, I became ill with the Epstein Barr Virus and have been trying to live a normal life since then.....

I have lost my self worth, no my identity, gone is the bright young woman with her dreams and aspirations, they never had time to develop.

I have all the common symtons and many more but I dont want to compare pain, sleepless nights the cotton wool brain.

We must make a stand and support the growing thousands of sufferers, people that will lose their identity, and become just a number to the medical arena.

I belong to the CFS support group at Wells in Somerset without these wonderful group of Doctors and Clinicians I would be yes just another statistic........ 66666666666

Choose a number, and choose to stand up and fight... I will !!!!!!!

Lynne... the woman I always was, I the woman I am now and the woman I will always be!!!!!!


Name: Lynne

Added: 28th May 2007